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Email Dashboard widgets give you a snapshot of your email sending habits and activities.

1.Sent this Month-shows how many emails you have sent out of your monthly total that you have selected in your package. You can always request more emails for additional cost if you end up going over your monthly allotted total before the month ends. If you try to send a larger email campaign than your monthly total allows, you will be warned when you try to schedule. Simply go into your Billing(LINK HERE) section under Account Management and request an upgrade or, reach out to

2.Delivered-Shows the percentage of delivered emails from your various email campaigns. If you have not yet sent an email campaign, your widget will display "No Campaigns Sent". Your delivered percentage will vary and will be lower than the requests you send out most of the time, especially when sending larger email campaigns. 

3.Unique- Shows unique clicks and opens from your email campaigns. Unique clicks and opens are different than regular clicks and opens because clicks and opens count regardless if it is the same person doing the action. Unique clicks and opens show the unique people interacting with your email, one person can click eight times but they will still only count as one unique click.

4.Activity Today- This widget shows the total new activities that have been captured in your email campaigns, this can include unsubscribes, bounces, sent, clicks, or opens.