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1.From the home dashboard, select Suppression Management from the side navigation bar 

2. Click "Bounces"

3. Select the type of bounces you want to view or "All" if you wish to view all.

  • Hard Bounces- mailbox is completely unavailable, invalid email that you are sending to

  • Soft Bounces- service will try to send again, because mailbox is only temporarily unavailable, for example, the mailbox host’s server might be down at the time client tries to send

4. You can see associated email campaigns at the top, associated campaigns have had bounces come through.

5. You can then see all individual email addresses that have bounced and the date and time they did so. The total count of bounced emails are at the top left corner.

6. The date last updated indicates the last time an email address bounced in a campaign.

7. You cannot remove emails from the bounces section.