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1.From the home dashboard, select Suppression Management from the side navigation bar 

2. Click "Unsubscribe Groups"

3. Select the unsubscribe group you want to view.

4. You can see associated email campaigns at the top, associated campaigns have used this particular unsubscribe group in the past

5. You can then see all individual email addresses that have unsubscribed and the date and time they unsubscribed. You can also add an individual email address. The total count of unsubscribes is at the top left corner.

6. You can remove an individual email from the unsubscribe group by hovering over the row and using the small x.

7. The date last updated indicates the last time an email address was added to the group.

8. You can set a pre-existing group as default using the check box in the upper right hand corner. 

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