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Manually Creating a Topic for Twitter


The publishing tool allows for users to schedule posts on different social media outlets including Twitter and Facebook. The user can pick an exact date and time to publish a post.


1. From your dashboard, go to the Publish page. 

2. Click "New Post". 

3. Enter a title for your post, the date you would like it published and the time. 

4. Link your Twitter account to the "New Post".

5. Write the message, announcement, etc. in the "Message" box that you want your followers to see.

6. You can also add a media file to the post by selecting "Choose File".  

7. You can add multiple images by hitting "Upload" and then repeating step 6. 

8.  If you want to post the same thing to Facebook, you must manually enter this information again (See: Publish: Creating a New Post, Facebook). 

9. Finally, hit "Review" to make sure your content is correct.

10. If everything looks correct, hit "Save" at the bottom of the page  and then hit "Yes" when Post Confirmation pops up.


11. Your new post should appear under "Publish on the Publish Home Page.