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A step by step guide to managing requests in the Phizzle Support Portal

Click here to access our Support Portal

1.Once you have created a request, you can manage your requests by responding to emails sent to your account from our support team or go into the portal and select "My Requests"

2. To find the request you want to manage, you can filter by the following below or use the search bar to search for keywords within your request.

*Note: Created by anyone simply includes tickets that you have opened AND tickets are a participant in

3. Once you have selected the ticket you want to manage many aspects of your open request (see below)

4. To see responses from Phizzle support, either look in "Activity" in your request or check your email, responses should also be emailed to you. If you are having trouble receiving emails please contact 

5.When working with ongoing requests, Phizzle team members will refer to your ticket by its "Reference number". You can find the reference number in your request in a few places (see below) throughout the support portal.



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