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A step by step guide to opening up a Request in Phizzle Support

Click here to access our Support Portal

When to open a request:

  • For product use support, bugs that you encounter when working with the product

  • Requests for new features

  • Feedback on product

  • Request for plan/product additions, edits, or upgrades

  • General Questions

1.Use the Search bar to filter through our Knowledge Base articles for a possible existing solution. 

2. If you still need to open up a request, select one of the Phizzle products that you are needing assistance with. 


3. Enter the required fields providing as much detail, information, and attachments as possible in order for the support team to triage your issue as quickly as possible. 

*Note: While many fields are optional, we advise that you fill in as much as possible in order to recieve the quickest support towards a solution. 

4. Once you submit the request, you can manage your request via the portal or by responding to email updates that come in via the account you selected as your username email. 

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