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1.From the home dashboard, select "Communicate" from the side navigation bar 

2. Select "Campaigns" 

3. Scroll to the template section and select the add template button

4. Give your template a name

5. Press Submit

6. Use the template editor to edit: can insert lists, images, change colors, sizes, bold, style, insert links and tables. Images can also be dragged and dropped from other websites.

7. To edit source code directly, go to the Tools drop down and press "<> Source Code"

8. To add a field, move your cursor to the line where you want to insert the fields (as if you were going to type something there), and click the appropriate field button (ie, "First Name").

9 The field for unsubscribe link inserts the url, so if you want specific text to click on you will have to insert a link with the merge field as the url, or go into the source code to format the link: <a href="{{unsubscribe_link}}">Your Link Text Here</a> 

10. Your template will be autosaved every thirty seconds, or you can save by clicking the save button in the upper left hand corner

11. You can either return to the Campaigns page by selecting "Send Later and Exit" or you can send your new template by selecting "Send"

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